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We are Hull & East Yorkshire Mind and we’re here to help and support you, your family and friends.

No one needs to face a mental health problem alone.

At Hull & East Yorkshire Mind your mental health is our first priority.

Stress Management 

Stress Management is a four week educational course delivered by one of our specialist workers to help provide tips and techniques for overcoming stress, as well as other related issues like anxiety and depression. Each of the four sessions that make up the course are conducted within a relaxed and supportive atmosphere and we encourage you to bring along a friend or family member to support you in attending the group to help you settle in. The course content caters to a variety of learning styles, including informative techniques to help manage negative thoughts and practical relaxation and breathing strategies to better manage your stress.

Guided Self Help

Guided Self Help provides you with the skills to become your own therapist for a wide range of conditions. The programme has a delivery method to suit all, including effective self- help books, as well as graded exposure to a feared situation alongside a supportive volunteer mentor for people who experience difficulties with anxiety and phobias. Also, the Living Life to the Full computer programme offers a mixture of videos and audio clips to give an alternative, more visual perspective known as cCBT (computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). If computers aren’t your thing, don’t worry as volunteer mentors are also available to help with using Living Life to the Full if you have any difficulties using technology.


Our confidential counselling service is designed to meet your individual needs. Trusting, caring relationships are a core foundation of our mental wellbeing. If we feel safe, secure and valued we are much more likely to stay well and recover faster. Our counsellors are caring and compassionate and will see you for a series of appointments, which can be weekly or fortnightly to suit your needs. You will be offered a range of sessions to improve your sense of wellbeing.


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We see patients within our offices on Beverley Road (training facilities and 5 private interview rooms) and we are experienced at booking venues across the City.

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Our working hours are from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday with weekend and bank holiday working.

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